Peonies: God, I needed to hear this today. (08.10.10, 08:10am)

Muriel Hahn: I <3 Nina Simone. I don't even think <3 covers it... I wish I had all of your albums from her because I have none. :( (08.08.10, 03:03pm)

Meg: Sometimes you spook me a little, with your taste. The two songs from our wedding that will make me cry at the drop of a hat are 1) A Nina Simone song & 2) A Sam Cooke song. And you keep recommending them. Our official first dance was Stevie, but the real first dance we snuck away for during cocktail hour? Nina. (07.17.10, 01:32pm)

Erica Velasco: Love it! I love this song! (07.12.10, 11:15pm)