Steve D: Forgot to mention The XX. Enjoy! (08.06.10, 04:13pm)

Steve D: Also, check out Delphic. A great alternative dance/rock band from rainy England! It has to be up there with the top albums (already mentioned) this year! (08.06.10, 04:01pm)

Bryce Driesenga: I am going to second Brothers by The Black Keys. Another album that I though/think is amazing is History From Below by Delta Spirit. Also, Delta Spirit's live show was one of the funnest things I've ever been to. (07.31.10, 10:59am)

Hi-Fi Weddings: great choices! I think you would love the new Big Boi album if you don't already! :) (07.28.10, 06:33pm)

Nicole*: vampire weekend = so true! (07.27.10, 02:32pm) Vampire Weekend! (07.26.10, 10:43pm)

Amy: I agree with August and After...saw Band of Horses at Jazz Fest and in Brooklyn...amazing sound - LOVE that album. (07.26.10, 06:58pm)

georgia: ...and how could I forget Brothers by The Black Keys?! (07.26.10, 11:51am)

georgia: LOVE your picks. I'm also obsessed with The National's new album - so, so, so good. Broken Bells gets a thumbs-up too... (07.26.10, 11:20am)

kim: The Drums are the best!! (07.24.10, 10:37am)

August and After: Band of Horses was pretty damn good also. (07.24.10, 08:28am)

brad hagen: Trances Arc Check out their song Camera Gun Shy (07.23.10, 07:46pm)

hailey: Yes all these are great!! but um... 1 I would like to add! mumford and sons!! (07.23.10, 02:47am)