Amber @ Utah Wedding Photographer: Great pictures! Very unique look and feel and it tells a story. Thanks. (01.02.12, 02:11am)

SLR Lounge Photography: Great colors popping on the photos! I absolutely love the shots with the yellow flowers, lovely. (09.27.10, 07:15pm)

Laurence: Gorgeous! Who did the invitations? They are so beautiful! Thanks (08.19.10, 04:27pm)

Carey: all of great! (08.16.10, 10:39am)

samm: truly amazinggggg guys! (07.28.10, 01:35am)

Richard from Purplest: FANTASTIC job once again! You guys are such an inspiration! (07.27.10, 12:30pm)

Walter: You guys are amazing. All of you. Thanks, not only from the bottom of our hearts, but from the top as well. xxoo (07.27.10, 09:36am)

Rileigh: Hello! Everything you do is pure magic! I love it all so much, I hope you don't mind if I share a few pictures of the swing. It was wonderful Rileigh (07.27.10, 09:25am)

kristina: looks uber fun. can't wait to dance the night away to whatever you're mixing up on october 23rd!!!! (07.27.10, 08:29am)

Kismet : *sigh* you guys, this is awesome! I wish one day I could be a part of something this fabulous-not the wedding but the team =) You have inspired me to become a wedding photog. I also wish by the time I get married, i will have saved enough to bring you guys to india. (07.27.10, 05:11am)

mw: i bow down to you all. (07.27.10, 03:54am) Lets be honest..maybe the best wedding I have seen this year with all the amazing talent behind could it not be. I feel like I am guest at their wedding with all the great photography and videos! Congrats to the happy,beautiful couple! (07.26.10, 10:42pm)

Brian: I was there and these images are blowing me away. Whit and Jess are my Gurus. I'm bowing down. (07.26.10, 05:50pm)

Eryn: So inviting and romantic. Love! (07.26.10, 05:30pm)

Laura: I really have no words. Best wedding ever! Congrats to the beautiful couple and thums up in the sky for the extra special team! (07.26.10, 02:49pm)

Hi-Fi Weddings: ...ooooooh maaaaaaan.... and now you want to share the music deets with me right?! :):) you know how to find me! (07.26.10, 01:25pm)