Dad: His dad is proud too! (05.24.11, 09:13pm)

mom: I hate to brag (well not really) but I always say my son is brilliant! Not only brilliant but handsome, funny and really smart. A great dad and a great son. Magazines all over the world should write about Flashdance. Just a comment from a casual observer. (05.24.11, 09:11pm)

delbarr: congrats guys!! you deserve it :) (05.19.11, 11:54am)

jac kaiser: party on friends! (05.18.11, 02:49pm)

jen: wow! (05.18.11, 01:42pm)

wifey: WITH REASON. you guys deserve it. keep spreading the love!! (05.18.11, 12:32am)

Rog: yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. (05.17.11, 12:22pm)

martin: n1 guys. (05.17.11, 01:20am)

Amy Williams: amazing as usual. (05.16.11, 11:39pm)

Hi-Fi Weddings: BAD ass! (05.16.11, 10:29pm)

James: This is how it is done. (05.16.11, 06:30pm)

party anne: cotton the rooster says 'cock-a-doodle-doo' which translates as 'fuck yeah this is bananas.' (05.16.11, 06:08pm)

Sarah Rhoads: HELL YA!!!! congrats guys! (05.16.11, 05:51pm)

nate kaiser: KILLIN IT!!! congrats :) (05.16.11, 05:31pm)