wedding photographer cornwall: This is an awesome idea!! (12.30.14, 02:37am)

alfredo: Hi guys were getting married next week, are you still selling this videos? do you think that we┬┤ll get them on time if we order them tomorrow to chicago? do you have a download option? Thanks! (11.04.13, 08:41pm)

Chris Henson: When are you coming out with more eye candy DVDs ? (05.20.13, 03:37pm)

Char: Fun concept. (03.23.13, 08:36pm)

christine: this is my favorite idea, ever. (02.01.13, 08:40pm)

Mary of The Simplifiers: Event Planning: GENIUS...absolutely genius! Bookmarking this for the right bride... (10.13.12, 11:28am)

M.A: Hi, I'd like to purchase the dancing DVD but I need it ASAP to an event on May 2nd... do you think it can get to Israel by then? (04.23.12, 06:08am)

Aaron : I'm with Derek on even says in the description that these dvd's are "film clips only, no audio". Purchased! Can't wait to get them. (09.05.11, 09:29am)

Derek: Awesome compilation that I hope to pick up soon. So confused by those looking to buy this with music. It would only be an hour of would be the same music might be the wrong music...hire a dj errr the Jukebox, and pop in cd. POOF! Classly originality for your own party! Love (09.03.11, 06:54pm)

joann: I purchased both the drink and dance dvd's based on the clips you show on your website which are awesome......but when I got the dvd's there is no audio!!!!!!!! That is not awesome !!!! I hope you can resolve this issue pronto.....I need it for an event I am hosting on sept 16, 2011 (09.02.11, 12:53pm)

The Prippy Handbook: Super awesome. Is there music that goes with the clips? Thanks for letting me know! (08.23.11, 02:44pm)

kevin falk: Yeah, What Maureen said. I'd advise take it down. Your just asking for a cease and desist in the mail or something worse. Don't wanna see you guys get in trouble. (08.18.11, 01:22pm)

la Girafe: Great job ! or I should say I've never seen cut and re-edited films as good as you did for the dancefloor. Chapeau bas ! (08.18.11, 02:54am)

Carey: Holy awesome! (08.17.11, 06:34pm)

Maureen: Huh. That's a lot of money, considering that I'm pretty sure that you didn't secure reproduction rights for these films. For your sake, I hope that these highly-litigious rights holders don't complain that you're obviously making money off of their work. Considering that you're using it for commercial purposes, you can't make a fair use claim. Not that you're doing anything particularly creative with this content, anyway. (08.17.11, 01:40pm)

jamie: Genius. (08.17.11, 10:30am)