gabe haji: oh my jeesus! i want to get married now! (02.04.09, 12:02pm)

shanghai: I worked for Whit and Jesse at a wedding in Union Station here in LA. Honestly when I took the job I was really bummed out. I thought, "Oh I'm going to be an assistant on a wedding photography gig. What a drag." But that was not the case. I had a blast. Their demeanor while shooting was so cool and the photos were BANANAS! Plus the caterers were all doing these hype dances on the bar, and everyone had hula-hoops. I was totally impressed. It really was an inspiration. Just because they're wedding pictures doesn't mean they have to suck! Amazing. (02.03.09, 10:25pm)

greta: what a great assemblage of some of my very favorite photos you guys have taken! amazing amazing amazing. (01.31.09, 07:59am)

dennis White: your wedding photos are amazing! High Art, at the very least. hmmmm.... maybe I should get married... (01.24.09, 02:40pm)