gina: loving your style (05.21.09, 10:55am)

shannon roddy: I need more of The Flash Dance in my life... this is so great!!! Two of the most important decisions to make for a wedding in one brilliant package. I can't wait to hire you guys! Shannon (02.03.09, 03:23pm)

pritt titts: Damn. Makes me want to get married two times! (02.02.09, 03:57pm)

thom: okay...why didn't we use Mike in Mexico!...that would have been slightly better then a woman with a MacBook...great stuff (02.02.09, 08:33am)

LA events : OK Ok your hired, so happy to know that I can hire a true DJ not an iPod DJ haha keep it up (01.31.09, 05:49pm)

christine: photographer, dj, and we KNOW you got the dance moves... triple threat! (01.31.09, 07:33am)

jake: At about 0:48 is when my mom began spraying the other guests at our wedding with her bottle of water. (01.30.09, 11:20am)