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a fan's video response to Lily Allen's new stance on file sharing 09.29.09  
lily allen (who i honestly haven't listened to enough to have an honest opinion about (regarding her music) one way or the other) really bit it pretty hard this week. let's get this out of the way real quick so i don't become part of the problem... i first read this on NPR who got it from Techdirt, and the big follow up on torrentfreak really sealed the deal (my god i am such a dork!) so if you have the time to go read those articles, ESP the torrentfreak piece (because that condenses the whole story) i suggest doing that, meet back here in 15? ok, go!................................ just take one and pass it back people............................. ok. if you didn't go read that hilarious piece allow me to paraphrase. lily decided that file sharing is bad. not a good look these days for someone who is trying to play the street cred card while working for columbia records! need proof? just watch chuck d make lars ulrich from metallica look like the little turd that he is on charlie rose (this is your homework...mandatory viewing!) anyway, lily decided to call out 50 cent, for saying that piracy and file-sharing are all part of marketing music, on her blog (that she has since removed all posts from because the "abuse was too much"). but then, and here is where she really went off the reservation, she copied and pasted an entire post from techdirt effectively pirating the work of Mike Masnick without linking, or even mentioning that she reposted his work.

the following is from the torrentfreak post...

“I think it’s wonderful that Lilly Allen found so much value in our Techdirt post that she decided to copy — or should I say ‘pirate’? — the entire post,” Mike told TorrentFreak on hearing the news.

“The fact that she is trying to claim that such copying is bad, while doing it herself suggests something of a double standard, unfortunately. Also, for someone so concerned about the impact of ‘piracy’ I’m quite surprised that she neither credited nor linked to our post. Apparently, what she says and how she acts are somewhat different. Still, Lilly, glad we could help you make a point… even if it wasn’t the one you thought you were making,” Mike added.

here is one of the posts that was copied before she shuttered her anti piracy blog (which was later found to have several unauthorized mixtapes available for free download!!) jeez lady?!?! it would be so dope if the RIAA sued her for piracy and copyright infringement!

from lily's now empty blog...

I've had a lot of responses back since my previous blog posting here. The long and short of it is, even before this economic downturn Piracy has been affecting all areas of entertainment, except maybe theatre. CD sales, Film DVD sales, book sales, TV DVD sales, everything. Now, if people go on consuming at the rate they are and do not pay for what they are consuming, not only will the artists within all these industries be without jobs and unable to express themselves but the behind the scenes people too. Thats literally millions of jobs . . I know that a lot of you want to know that you're not being overcharged for a product and you want to know that your hard earned cash is going to the right places, alot of work has to be done in order for this to happen. I think that paying 14.99 for an album is ridiculous, I'm with you on that, and that wont happen again, but piracy is not the answer.It's hard enough to get a job at the moment.People are being laid off in all areas and the record companies are no exception. My own label EMI laid off thousands last year. I don't care so much about the high-ups (and by the way they're always the last to go - what a surprise) but the people who are going out are the young ones, the life blood basically. They're the ones that go first, I've seen it. And the same is happening in TV and film. Why do you think you are just getting Terminator 6 and Harry Potter 7 instead of exciting new voices? Because the young voices are not there anymore. Do you care about that, or do you just want to watch and listen to the products of the last generation? Or do you want a voice that is heard and can make a difference?What I do know is we have to invest in this sector of our country guys, we are great film makers,we have incredible writers and authors, historically the best music makers, we cant throw it all away. The internet is the most amazing thing, but it should be OUR thing, and ironically piracy is just playing into the hands of the corporations. What these artists and creators do, they do for the love of it, I know its hard because money is scarce but we have to inject money back into these areas. It's not fair to steal peoples material,I know it's art and it has no physical value but even Shakespeare had shares in The Globe Theatre. People will lose their jobs, you'll be watching X-factor, Simon Cowell will be getting richer, radio stations will be churning out old back catalogues from people your dad or even your grandads age(vera lynn is No 1 this week) and the taxpayer will have to subsidize yet more unemployment. Please, please, please go and see a film in the cinema instead of buying it in Tesco's car-park , buy a c.d. or album off itunes if you really like it, and god help us, keep buying books . If we do this, i really think we can make a difference. Anyone band, writer, author, musician, actress please feel free to contact me on this matter if you feel it is important.

did you read that shit? whoa... someone needs to take a crash course in her own point. my gawd.
here is a certified brilliant response to all of this that i have watched 3 times and laughed harder at each consecutive time.

so why do i bother telling you all of this? well here is the thing... i think the copyright laws in america suck it hard. i believe in public domain. i don't think piracy has led to the unemployment of any artists (or their employees), or that downloading music has somehow extinguished the voice of our generation as ms allen and her fat stupid friend lars ulrich suggest. quite the contrary, if you hold artists like radiohead, and girltalk in as high regard as i do, you'll undoubtedly agree that copyright law is a big fat joke that has been lobbied hard for to keep ultra wealthy dudes from having to change the way they rape their artists and their customers. in fact i think that the last 10 years (since napster shared its' first file) we have seen some pretty incredible art, and some very inventive ways of sharing, marketing, and promoting it! i bet 50 cent has "lost" millions of dollars in royalties, but his maybach is still sitting on some pretty fat 24's, and you don't hear him bitching! lily has apparently quit recording music because she apparently isn't making any money doing it, but i would suggest that it isn't OUR fault, but in fact that it is her fault for being so short sighted, and working with the man. dear lily, why don't you start a blog about how fucked the recording industry is and leave the consumer out of the equation for a minute because if 50 is sitting on 24's, steve and rick are rolling 24millions! can you please tell me how downloading and copyright infringement has helped create this imbalance?
I want to see the 8 comments...

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