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empire state of mind 10.21.09  
just wanted to extend a thanks to all of the people who made it out to the sunday wedding flashdance party at the ace hotel on monday night... it was a ton of fun! i gave out over 100 cds, got a lot of people tipsy with a seemingly endless supply of booze, i played a bunch of jams, and even had time to make a few cameos in the smilebooth (those will be up soon)! there are way too many people to really list but it was especially nice to see some familiar faces, and make some new buddies...

daily candy
perfect bound
100 layer cake
brooklyn bride
the knot
sweet little photographs
be inspired wedding pr
josh goleman
mouthful of joy
lyndsey hamilton events

also special thanks to ashley from dolciodille who made us an amazing spooky smilebooth custom backdrop & chuck from instant dong who shot polaroids all night (hooray for the impossible project)
the ace hotel could not possibly be any better! i stayed all week and fell in love with new york all over again because of it. stumptown coffee is finally open, breslin had their friends and family opening and it was dope, i got a sneak peek at the new event space and it is going to be the best reception venue in town! the hotel, the service, and the facilities are world class. i am so proud of all of my friends who have worked so hard to open the two best hotels in the country in the same year! well done.

in related news i heard (bumping from cars) / listened to (laptop in my room) jay z's - empire state of mind about 1047 times while i was in town! the best time was hearing it on the radio while driving across the williamsburg bridge around midnight on sunday with brian, and our friends drew, and anyi, it was the icing on the cake of a perfect moment! download or listen to it below and just try to tell me that hip hop is dead! (i'm looking at you sasha frere jones you know what artform (if you want to call it that) i think is dead? music journalism! but we've all known that for a long time right bob? ...)

I want to see the comments...

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